Wonder of the Nature in Nepal:

Nepal is a country lying between China on the North and India on the South. It is a landlocked country on the collision zone between two plates, so large mountain ranges are formed in the creasing including the Pahar Hill region and the Mountain region, both with large altitudes and populated valleys. Tourism is especially large in Mount Everest and a large amount of conflict has arisen there as we will study later. Mountaineers with ambitions to travel, view and climb the spectacular slopes come in their ten thousands. 39% of the GDP comes from agriculture; 76% of people use it as their principle employment. Services (which would include tourism) equal 42% and industry 21%. The lack of natural resources means that agriculture is the main primary industry, while tourism probably the main tertiary. Main exports are clothing, leather, jute goods and grain.

There are lots of places to visit in Nepal. That is why people often term Nepal as "a place where there are more temples than houses". Similarly because of Gods and Goddesses we term it as a place where the number of gods and goddess is more than the population of people.

Inside the Kathmandu Valley, there is lots of sight seeing. For example, you can go to Kasthamandap which was build of one tree, Pashupati nath of the capital and several other temples, historical places and monuments.

However, one of the most amazing thing of the Kathmandu Valley is the excellent view of the valley from all the hilltops!

Similarly when one goes outside of the valley, he or she can see countless natural beauties never explored. Tourists stare with amazements of the gift of God to the Himalayan Kingdom. Nepal is a must visit place.

Trekking in Nepal - Everest Highlights in style!For those who are short on time but still want the big experience. A compact little trek that still delivers mind blowing scenery in the best of style.

Our shorter Everest trek gives you an introduction to the incredible mountain panoramas and Sherpa culture of this region. You'll trek to some of the iconic places such as Namche Bazaar and Thyangboche monastery that lie at the heart of the Solu Khumbu and the main trail to Everest base camp. You can enjoy classic views of the Everest region whilst enjoying a touch of luxury each night at the best mountain lodges available.

For those people who would like to experience the experience dramatic Everest views and Sherpa culture without committing to a long arduous trek this is the ideal answer. The trip still allows time for gradual acclimatisation so that you will enjoy the trekking safely, with the highest point being a trek to Thyangboche Monastery at 3873m. Afterwards when the walking is done you can explore the cultural treasures of the Kathmandu valley with it's many temples, stupa's, palaces and thriving bazaars.